Really, our purpose is not to write another biography of Netaji. Not because it is not required, but for many other reasons. Excellent biographies of are Netaji available. However, they are deficient in some aspect or other. We are still awaiting a comprehensive political biography.

In the meantime, we present here a series of articles by people who came in touch with Netaji, to bring out the different flavours of the many faceted personality, as well as many little-known events of his life.

In addition, we will present articles on the various aspects of his ideology and vision of India.

Netaji in Marathi Literature, a lecture by Sahitya Academy Award winner SB Joshi.
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From the archives:

Bengal Revolutionaries and Bose: The British political establishment’s rancorous attitude towards Bose was quite different from its attitude towards other national leaders of the Congress. Declassified documents throw some light on what contributed to this attitude. A secret memorandum of May 1932 (C.P.148 (32)) from the then Secretary of State for India Samuel Hoare, to the British Cabinet explains the threat perceived by the British Government from Bose. The document is available courtesy the National Archives of more