Exhibit documents of Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry

22 November, 2006: Chandrachur Ghose submits application to the MHA requesting copies of selected documents listed in the report of the Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry as exhibits.

20 December, 2006:CPIO, MHA replies, stating the ministry requires 3-6 months for examining the documents, as they are voluminous. Reply does not provide any information about the appellate authority.

19 January, 2007: Ghose files complaint with the CIC, requesting direction to the Ministry to provide me with documents within one month, since two months have already passed

12 February, 2007: Additional Registrar, CIC, directs CPIO to place the application before the relevant appellate authority for disposal within 7 days. His letter mentions that appropriate action will be taken on failure to do so. The Ministry does not comply with the direction.

12 May, 2007: With no response after three months from the Ministry, Ghose files another complaint with the CIC. Complaint returned for not being in proper format. Ghose submits complaint in proper format on 13 July, 2007.

22 February, 2008:The Chief Information Commissioner directs the first appellate authority in the Ministry to dispose the appeal within 10 working days.

2 April, 2008: Shri D Diptivilasa, Appellate Authority, MHA, responds after 27 day working days, stating that the documents are voluminous and they are being transferred to the National Archives, so they cannot be provided immediately. Neither any information on which documents can be provided and when they can be provided, nor any information on appeal is provided. It also does not mention whether all documents requested for are being transferred to the National Archives.

20 October, 2009: CIC directs Ministry of Home Affairs to provide all documents to Ghose. Read detailed story here.

16 December, 2009: MHA tells Ghose that it has not yet received the list of relevant exhibits since the list was not provided to it by the CIC. Ghose asks Shir PKP Shreyaskar about the lapse, but Mr Shreyaskar insists that the list has been sent by post as well as by fax.

27 January, 2010: Caught between the blame game between the MHA and the CIC, Ghose files complaint against the MHA regarding non-compliance of order

5 March, 2010: CIC asks MHA to submit a compliance report within 10 working days.

7 June, 2010: CIC issues show cause notice to MHA and sets up 14 July as the date of next hearing.

14 July, 2010:It emerges at the hearing that MHA never received the list of exhibits and that Shri Shreyaskar's persistent claim that the list was forwarded to the MHA was not based on fact. The Chief Information Commissioner repeats the order he had issued in October 2009 - all 292 items listed by Ghose to be provided to him within 20 working days.