The claim of Netaji Research Bureau that it was founded by Dr Sisir Kumar Bose is a wrong statement.

No one has the right to do business with Netaji's name"

Netaji's grandnephew Chandra Kumar Bose talks about the state of affairs at Netaji Bhavan in Kolkata:

"Netaji Bhavan was dedicated to the Nation by Sarat Chandra Bose in 1946.Amiya Nath Bose who took over the mantle from his father Sarat Bose, started the research work here. He collected documents from various countries including Japan, Germany,U.K. to set up the Museum here.Sarat Bose's children - Ashok Nath Bose, Amiya Nath Bose, Sisir Bose, Subrata Bose, Gita Biswas, Roma Ray and Chitra Ghosh, were all actively involved with the activities of the institute till late 1970's Since the early 1980's all members including the family members were eased out by the present administration and no reasons were assigned. This place was meant to be a research institute for students and scholars, but unfortunately, the present administration does not give access to students and scholars who do not belong to their group. Many research scholars have brought this to the notice of Subrata Bose ( former Member of Parliament),and others.

The facts should be known to the public. Netaji Research Bureau, today has become a business and money making racket by couple of family members of the Bose family.It is high time, we expose these people-no one has the right to do business with Netaji's name and image. They are not only distorting the history of Netaji Bhavan/ Netaji Research Bureau, but also distorting the history of Indian struggle for independence and the role of the Bose brothers. The people of India have the right to do research on their beloved hero and they should be allowed to enter and have access to the documents which are kept in the archives at Netaji Research Bureau.The majority view of the Bose family members are-efforts should be made to acquire the Netaji Bhavan, and the Government of India or the State Government should appoint a professional team to organise the research work here. The National Archives, may take on this responsiblity. People should rise and oppose making money and misusing Government funds and the Netaji Bhavan for business and self promotion purposes.

Chandra Kumar Bose
Spokesperson of the Bose Family,
General Secretary, Indian Socialist Democratic Forum (Human Rights Activist Group)





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