Translated from the original Bengali JEEBON ADHYAYAN, by Dhira Dhar. Reproduced with permission of Jay Bhattacharjee (son of Kalyani Bhattacharjee)

Kalyani Bhattacharjee

I dedicate this book to my sister Bina and to those young boys and girls who welcomed death and sacrificed all for the freedom of their Motherland, and who marched ever forward with the burning desire of improving the lot of their suffering fellow men.

Through the lines of this book I pay my respect to those young people who never faltered on the perilous path nor ever feared the challenge of death.

Kalyani Bhattacharjee with her husband and father (Beni Madhab Das, an erudite scholar and headmaster of Ravenshaw Collegiate School, of whom Subhas wrote, "for me, to see Beni Madhav Das was to adore him...I secretly said to myself that if I wanted an ideal for my life, it should be to emulate him").


  1. Preface
  2. Foreword by Kalidas Nag
  3. Years in Prison
  4. Presidency Jail of Calcutta
  5. Hijli Jail
  6. Bahrampur Jail
  7. One Month in Presidency Jail during Congress Session of 1933
  8. Hijli Jail Again
  9. Midnapore Jail
  10. Few Months in Internment
  11. A Few Days in Bombay Jail
  12. Portraits of Some Women
  13. Student Movement
  14. Non-cooperation Movement of 1930 and the Students
  15. Women's Satyagraha Committee
  16. Movement of 1932
  17. The Bengal Famine
  18. East Bengal Trip
  19. A Tour through 24 Parganas
  20. Midnapore